Nebraska Film Tax Incentive Bill update from Michelle Schrage

Senator Danielle Nantkes is in the process of writing the bill and will introduce it to the Revenue Committee.

I'm working with Laurie Richards (Nebraska Film Office) and Kathy Rocco (Omaha Film Commissioner) to flush out as much research as we can to Senator Nantkes office to make the bill as effective and "sellable" as possible.

What the bill's success is going to come down to is data and research. The Senators deep down want to see this bill pass, but need assurance that we aren't going to get burned (as some states are reporting negative impacts of their tax incentive bills).

So, we need to identify the states that are doing well and those that aren't doing well. We then have to uncover the reasons to either the successes or failures, and show that we are incorporating the successful measures into our bill.

Once we see what the bill looks like in it's final form, we'll need to educate the general public (supporters of the bill) and begin a letter writing campaign to the members of the Revenue Committee. I'll be sure to let you know when that time comes and if you can spread the word and encourage others to get on board as well, that would be great!

Michelle Schrage

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